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Standard Issue the Musical Script Read and Orchestra Review

With funding from the Illinois Arts Council and The Southern Arts Fund through Artspace 304 and partnering with the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, Vets in the Arts presents "Standard Issue" the Musical script read and full orchestra review on June 22, 2024. This review is the last and final public viewing of the original musical before the full production in June 2025. The purpose of this public event is to rehearse and revise the music and script and garnering public feedback of the characters and musical storytelling.

The 12-member cast, along with the 15 piece orchestra will read and sing through the entire musical for the audience. It was quite a challenge for Navy veteran and Standard Issue Director, Tim Robinson, but with a few sound and lighting effects, the story can be told. The musicians and small cast have learned the original songs in a very short timeframe which is a testament to the performing arts talent located in Southern Illinois.

The event is one night only on June 22, 2024 at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center located in Marion, IL. It is FREE to the general public.

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